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The two-character ISO 3166 country code for MACAU.
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1. ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code for the Macau Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. This is the code used in international transactions to and from Macanese bank accounts.

2. ISO 3166-2 geocode for Macau. This is used as an international standard for shipping to Macau.
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Microorganism 1 Fresh swine manure and microorganism 1 were diluted with water and sprayed on plots at various intervals.
The role of using beneficial microorganisms in Natural Farming is in increase because many people are being aware of the hazards associated with consuming products with chemical substances.
Microorganisms were identified according to the standard bacteriological methods.
4, it was decided to finish the microbiological investigation in the biofilter after duration of 8 weeks since, according to the curve of microorganism growth in a closed system (Fig.
Hence a quotation from an English dictionary would not be sufficient to provide a definition of the term 'microorganism'.
Resistance is the ability of a microorganism to withstand an antibiotic.
Or might these new residents be carriers, bringing the microorganisms into the facility even though they themselves haven't developed an infection?
Human beings maintain life with amazing balance, but it is not appreciated that it is the close complementary relationship with microorganisms that plays an important role in maintaining this balanced life.
(2) Much of the research predating this era focused on microorganisms in terms of disease potential rather than a focus on the benefits of resident microorganisms.
"CFU is the scientifically accepted unit of measure for probiotics, and labeling live microbial dietary ingredients in CFUs gives consumers the best information possible when it comes to the viable microorganisms present in the product throughout shelf life," said Andrea Wong, vice president of scientific and regulatory affairs at CRN.
Summary: Moscow [Russia], Oct 24 (ANI/Sputnik): About 100 species of various microorganisms live aboard the International Space Station (ISS), degrading plastic and metal the spacecraft is made from and endangering the crew's health, Valery Bogomolov, deputy director of the Institute for Biomedical Problems (IBMP) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said.