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a small-scale COMPUTER with modest data storage facilities, usually comprising a CPU (central processing unit), DISK DRIVES, KEYBOARD and monitor or VDU (visual display unit). Standalone, computers can be designed as desktop machines or as portable LAPTOP units.

As microcomputers have become more powerful in terms of data processing speed and data storage capacity the distinction between them and MINICOMPUTERS has become blurred.

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For ReRAM mounted microcomputers, as of July 30, 2013.
With the proliferation of microcomputers and their common presence in homes, offices, and schools, anyone with unauthorized access to a microcomputer should be viewed as a serious threat to security.
The company has also announced that a new section will be added to Microcomputer Abstracts that will showcase articles and reviews of Internet products and services.
The microcomputer was designed initially as a personal computer.
This section identifies a number of significant contributions to the literature which provide insight into the topics of microcomputer use in general and the use of microcomputers in the logistics area of the firm.
Instruction in literature searching and microcomputer applications focuses on the acquisition of techniques and skills.
In 1984, with the help of Mechling, Oliver and the CORES leaders, Wright wrote and introduced House Bill 1898, establishing a program called Information Technology Education for the Commonwealth (ITEC), a comprehensive program designed to enhance microcomputer education in Pennsylvania.
Remedies include adjusting room lighting, moving the microcomputer or attaching an antiglare shade device to the monitor's screen.
Almost any microcomputer can be used to access these BBSs.
The second half outlines microcomputer maintenance procedures.
However, more emphasis has been given to microcomputer labs and databases, reflecting the increasing development in these areas.
1) In their analysis, Wells and Keene demonstrated that the computer -- especially the microcomputer -- has made significant inroads into the way corporate tax professionals do their work.

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