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A Wildeck mezzanine is an elevated platform within a building that can be used for storage, manufacturing, office space or as an equipment access platform.
There are plenty of examples of mezzanines installed or modified without due consideration of applicable standards and codes.
A mezzanine is an internal balcony or platform overlooking the space below, and can be put to all sorts of uses.
A mezzanine can have all sorts of uses - a dressing room, home office, studio, spare room, bed platform or play area in a child's room (bed platforms are also popular in high-ceiling studio apartments).
Retailers have changed trading patterns to support the use of mezzanines: units of 10,000 sq ft or more are in high demand, and rents have increased accordingly.
The upper mezzanine was made into a sleeping gallery and a glass panel inserted into the west side of the floor to allow daylight to filter down.
Shares in club and dance music specialist Mezzanine Group leaped nine per cent yesterday on the news it is to demerger its subsidiary on to the Alternative Investment Market.
The second option, more ambitious, is an expansion of the current mezzanine at both the north and south entrances (14th Street and 12th Street), taking advantage of the double-height space over the platform.
With the addition of a mezzanine level (an internal balcony overlooking the space below) you can add a room more easily than converting your loft or cellar or building an extension.
Hulett explains: "Companies that install heavy racking or mezzanines without knowing the condition of the floor on which they stand are taking quite a risk.
Mezzanines require a clear height to the underside structure of about 8m, which can be provided either by building the entire store to the raised level, maximising visibility of the mezzanine, or by raising the roof over the mezzanine level only.
Retailers have changed their trading patterns to support the use of mezzanines. Units of 10,000sqft or more are in high demand, and rents have increased accordingly.