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Fifth letter of a NASDAQ stock symbol specifying that the issue is the company's fourth class of preferred shares.


1. A symbol (M) indicating that a bond has matured. It is used most often on transaction tables in a newspaper.

2. A symbol (M) indicating that the dividend on a stock has been reduced by a certain amount. It is used most often on transaction tables in a newspaper.

3. A symbol (m) indicating that the closing price of a security is lower than the closing price of the previous trading day.

4. A symbol (m) indicating the percentage by which the net asset value per share of a closed-end investment company exceeds its share price.

5. A symbol for 1,000.


1. Used in bond transaction tables in newspapers to indicate a bond that has matured and is no longer drawing interest: Cuba 4 1/2 77m.
2. Used in the dividend column of stock transaction tables of newspapers to indicate an annual dividend rate that is reduced on the last declaration date: .20m.
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Serrinha - 35 metre wide zone extending approximately 575 metres along strike hosting 1 vein which contain 8 higher grade intersections at an average thickness of 1.
The objectives of the recommended program are to increase the drill hole density to 50 metre spacing; to upgrade the inferred mineral resources to indicated; and to better outline the higher grade zones described above.
Also reported here for the first time are silver results from drill hole KD-30, located 100 metres south of KD-37.
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