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Therefore, most medical journals introduce their statistical reporting guideline so that researchers give serious considerations to statistical issues not only at the stage of data analysis but also at the stage of methodological design.
For this reason, come to the fore the need to develop a reflection on the methodological design for different input clamping limiting conditions.
For example, the traditional perspective (child as object) is aligned with methodological design that 'reflects a genuine, if often paternalistic, desire to protect children as essentially incompetent or vulnerable beings' (Christensen & Prout, 2002, p.
The strength of the methodological design lies in the prominence given to the examination of statistics on regional, and national demographic, economic and social trends, existing indicators of poverty and well-being of family, youth and elderly.
The study is based on qualitative methodological design supplemented by a quantitative study of long-term kinship foster care in Norway.
Should not our methodological design depend on the topic, on the question of research raised by the researcher and not necessary on way we understand therapy that is a different activity?