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Then our warriors came down from their hill, and, after taking many ornaments of yellow metal from the bodies of those they had slain, they marched back out of the valley, nor have any of us ever returned.
"I should like to go there and see this strange city," said Tarzan, "and get some of their yellow metal from its fierce inhabitants."
"It's metal, sure enough," answered the child, gazing thoughtfully at the curious thing she had found.
"Now fetch me the Heliumetic metal you wrought some days since," commanded Vas Kor.
This done, the warrior assisted his master to replace the handsome jewelled metal of his harness with the plainer ornaments of an ordinary fighting man of Helium, and with the insignia of the same house that appeared upon the bow of the flier.
Houses, raised high upon their slender metal columns for the night were dropping gently toward the ground.
Everything seemed to elude him--the pretty pebbles, the yellow metal, the she, his memory.
Everything in the castle seemed to be made of copper, and the only inhabitant he could discover was a lovely girl, who was combing her golden hair; and he noticed that whenever one of her hairs fell on the ground it rang out like pure metal. The youth looked at her more closely, and saw that her skin was smooth and fair, her blue eyes bright and sparkling, and her hair as golden as the sun.
"Observations on the Effect of Gating Design on Metal Flow and Defect Formation in Aluminum Lost Foam Castings: Part 1," S.
Moreover, the barrier section was discolored blue and purple, a clear indication of very high metal temperatures in that region.
By shooting beams of various atoms and molecules onto ultrathin films of silver on silicon, the researchers have demonstrated that low-energy adsorption reactions inject much more of their energy into electrons in a metal surface than anyone had previously realized.
[ClickPress, Thu May 02 2019] Metal coatings are the coatings applied to metals in order to provide protection and reduce wear and tear.