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The early Islamic States of Medina and Makkah are an example of a meritocratic system which empowered women, slaves and immigrants alike.
It is also a serious concern for the health of the meritocratic principle, which can hardly survive subversion of the public good for private enrichment by political and administrative leaders.
Indresh Gahoi is one such beneficiary of HackerEarth's move to make hiring more meritocratic.
Furthermore, the number of talented students from the general populace who would enter the university would be so small (given Jefferson's plans called for a severe meritocratic reduction in the number of those advancing) that it would take many years before there would be a critical mass of his natural aristocracy available to occupy leadership positions.
It will be a meritocratic system, via the Pro12, so those teams will qualify based on their achievements and performances in the league.
My political philosophy is that I believe in social mobility and a meritocratic society and Birmingham throughout its history has been a city that has always given people opportunities.
Ayra claimed he was discriminated against by his former employer, the London Borough of Waltham Forest, because of his philosophical belief that "the Jewish religion's professed belief in Jews being 'God's chosen people' is at odds with a meritocratic and multicultural society".
He considers Hamilton's philosophical anthropology, his views on leadership and republican values in popular government, the Federalist Papers, foreign policy, the political economy of Hamilton's favored vision of a meritocratic "natural aristocracy," and differences between Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson over issues of revolution and slavery.
Dell will help define a standard that is meritocratic and open with the help of major vendors, end users, government agencies and research institutions.
The regional festivals it came to replace had been nothing but blatantly delusional shows of misplaced grandeur, handcrafted to reward the al- ready rewarded and, in the image of the people who ran them, as meritocratic as Lebanese politics.
It is not, in other words, merely a coincidence that the common idea that we live, or should live, in a meritocratic age co-exists with a pronounced lack of social mobility and the continuation of vested hereditary economic interests.
Lottery funding, which essentially is a meritocratic system based on performance directors being given quite a high degree of autonomy to run programmes.