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Turlington stepped out again into the street, and confronted the City of London in the character of the noblest work of mercantile creation--a solvent man.
If the mothers of the free states had all felt as they should, in times past, the sons of the free states would not have been the holders, and, proverbially, the hardest masters of slaves; the sons of the free states would not have connived at the extension of slavery, in our national body; the sons of the free states would not, as they do, trade the souls and bodies of men as an equivalent to money, in their mercantile dealings.
The Dutch captain had been employed, at a former period of his life, in the mercantile navy of France; and we could communicate, whenever it was necessary or desirable, in the French language.
A mercantile house was established in the metropolis of Pennsylvania, with the avails of Mr.
The writer had the means of using a friend's interest -- interest of no ordinary kind -- with a great Mercantile Firm in the City; and he had at once exerted this influence in favor of Mr.
I had a lively picture of Captain Nichols flying headlong down a narrow gangway before the uplifted foot of an angry mate, and, like a true Englishman, rejoicing in the spirit of the Mercantile Marine.
I went through the superfluous ceremony of a second marriage with Alicia; took stores in the city; built a villa in the country; and here I am at this present moment of writing, a convict aristocrat--a prosperous, wealthy, highly respectable mercantile man, with two years of my sentence of transportation still to expire.
He began, too, sometimes of an evening, when Mrs Clennam expressed no particular wish for his society, to resort to a tavern in the neighbourhood to look at the shipping news and closing prices in the evening paper, and even to exchange Small socialities with mercantile Sea Captains who frequented that establishment.
After some meditation he named a place in a mercantile house at Liege, and another in a bookseller's shop at Louvain.
Mercantile Bank Corporation (NASDAQ: MBWM) reported net income of USD 8.
Mercantile Bank Corporation (NASDAQ:MBWM) has announced a series of promotions in line with the management transition process initiated in July 2016, which will be effective on January 1, 2017.
1, 2017 Mercantile Bank Corporation president and CEO Michael Price will retire from those positions.