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A randomized clinical trial of Cogmed Working Memory Training in school-age children with ADHD: A replication in a diverse sample using a control condition.
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Tracy Packiam Alloway and Ross Alloway, a consultant in working memory training and developer of the Jungle Memory software, explain basics of working memory and describe techniques for helping students with learning problems, in this guide for K-12 teachers and other educators.
The significant FA increase in the white matter tracts around the left IPS and the left precuneus that was revealed by the TBSS analysis was consistent with previous findings that working memory training induces significant FA increases in younger adults [38].
Additionally, because this program was implemented as part of the regular curricular program each day, the school administration expected that all participants received working memory training. As a result, no control group was utilized in this project.
Over the summer, the district began implementing the program Cogmed Working Memory Training from Pearson in special education classrooms.
The research-based perspective highlights cognitive, neural and real-life changes measured in randomized clinical trials that compared a gist-reasoning strategy-training program to memory training in populations ranging from teenagers to healthy older adults, individuals with brain injury to those at-risk for Alzheimer's disease.
Remember the future: Working memory training decreases delay discounting among stimulant addicts.
I'm now trying to get a copy of "Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything," a 2011 bestseller by Josh Foer, a forgetful science journalist who underwent memory training and became a finalist in the US Memory Championship.
* Those in the memory training group were taught strategies for remembering word lists and sequences of items, text material, and the main ideas and details of stories.