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A rule that stipulates when a security should be bought or sold according to its price action.
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Filter Rule

In technical analysis, an arbitrarily set percentage of increase or decline in a stock's price that the analyst sees as an indicator to buy or sell the stock. For example, the analyst may set his/her own filter rule at 15%. If the stock rises 15%, the analyst recommends buying; if it falls 15%, he/she recommends selling. While the particular percentage is subjective, one arrives at it by observing the stock's historical trends. The filter rule exists to help the investor avoid buying or selling at insignificant or anomalous changes in price. However, many analysts do not believe that the filter rule consistently produces profits for the investor.
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"Vibrating the filtering membrane filter prevents buildup on the surface of the membrane and allows higher flow rate," says Jack Cole, corporate vice president of healthcare marketing for Pall Corp.
The Sentino Dispenser aseptically dispenses individual membrane filters with a single press on the soft-touch keypad.
Membrane filter discs with a 47 mm diameter are typically used.
Comprised of borosilicate glass media and two cellulosic membranes, the integrated 1.0-, 0.2-, and 0.1-[micro].m media combines the dirt-holding capacity of a depth filter with the retention efficiency of a membrane filter. The combination offers a prefiltration solution for cell culture and other media filtration applications.
Regardless of application, Millipore offers a membrane filter with properties to meet specific customer needs.
A typical Tetra Pak processing line for concentrated apple juice delivered to China consists of a Bellmar fruit press, Tetra Alcap EC cassette evaporator, Tetra Alvac CD aroma recovery, Tetra Alcross UF membrane filter, concentrate pasteuriser, aseptic bulk filler, and a Tetra Alcip cleaning module.
The Model 98 Hydrophobic Membrane Filter prevents water from entering and damaging online analyzers in a range of applications.
By automatically counting the colonies on the nutrient media or membrane filter, the counter speeds up the process and minimises the possibility of human error.

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