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The core of words is that by implementation of this agreement, its membered developing countries are not able to observe good importing and exporting hygiene standards for technical and regulation weak infrastructures; and therefore, influence on people health.
The five membered rings in compound (4) exhibits an envelop confirmation with the N[H.sub.2] group lying out of the molecular plane.
Students re membered him for his knowledge, high standards balanced with helpfulness, enjoyable teaching style, a wonderful sense of humour, and a commitment to teaching.
Mr Straw membered: "As so often, he got into trouble - he failed to n up to the private Bill committee and was told that he would be fined pounds 50 for each failure.
It is well established that nitrogen forms stronger donor bonds to copper than oxygen and that five membered chelating ligands are more stable than six membered rings (Cotton and Wilkinson 1962).
A more subtle, but nonetheless clear, example of this close familiarity with the forest occurs when a number of field hands, according to Julius, pass through the woods shortly after Sandy is transformed: "Dey seed a tree w'at dey didn' 'member er habbin' seed befo'; it wuz monst'us quare, en dey wuz bleedst ter 'low dat dey hadn' 'membered right, er e'se one er der saplin's had be'n growin' monst'us fas'" (47).

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