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A person, normally a broker, who has a seat on a stock exchange. This means that he/she is allowed to make trades on the floor of that exchange. Most exchanges do not allow a company to be a member, so the membership for a member firm formally belongs to an individual employee. Memberships are bought and sold at market price because most exchanges have a finite number.


An individual who owns a seat on a commodities or securities exchange. See also allied member.
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The core of words is that by implementation of this agreement, its membered developing countries are not able to observe good importing and exporting hygiene standards for technical and regulation weak infrastructures; and therefore, influence on people health.
It is well established that nitrogen forms stronger donor bonds to copper than oxygen and that five membered chelating ligands are more stable than six membered rings (Cotton and Wilkinson 1962).
The spectra of Diacerein showed characteristic peaks at 3300 cm-1 (COOH) and 760 cm-1 (m- substituted benzene), Span 60 at 2916 cm-1 (OH), Span 80 at 1740 cm-1 (5- membered ring), Span 85 at 1643 cm-1 (ketone with 5-membered ring), Tween 20 at 1734 cm-1 (5-membered ring) and Tween 80 at 3488 cm-1 (OH).
These days, the authorities have re- membered that non-execs are legally responsible persons.
The ministers will seek agreement over the draft strategic concept paper drawn out by the 12 membered NATO Group of Experts chaired by Former U.
Mr Pemblere membered Kate's" honesty and ability to see things how they were", adding: "She was wonderfully observant and made the most insightful comments about people, situations and life.

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