medium-term bond

Medium-term bond

A bond maturing in two to ten years.

Intermediate Bond

A debt security with a maturity in the medium-term. While there is no set definition of what constitutes the medium-term, it is generally accepted that intermediate bonds are those that mature somewhere between one and 15 years. One of the most common intermediate bonds, the U.S. Treasury Note, usually has a maturity of 10 years. Intermediate bonds have become increasingly popular for what were formerly called long-term investors. This is especially true among Treasury securities; Treasury Notes have increasingly replaced Treasury Bonds as benchmarks of the bond market.

medium-term bond

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But for those looking to diversify, a debt portfolio with short- and medium-term bond funds can be a good combination as well.
A gradual rise in systemic liquidity and rate cuts will likely result in higher decline in short- and medium-term bond yields as compared to long-term yields (above 15 years).
In 2013 he joined the London-based Board of Directors of HSBC Holdings, HSBC being among the four banks with which Bulgaria struck a deal to manage its global medium-term bond program worth EUR 8 B.
A senior Greek finance ministry official told Reuters last week that Greece was preparing to issue a small-sized, medium-term bond in the coming weeks to follow on from its return to debt markets in April after a four-year break.
5 billion, on 23 January, in its first medium-term bond issue since its international bailout, taking a major step forward to regular borrowing on financial markets more quickly than foreseen.
He also forecast increased "pressure" on debt markets, leading up to a medium-term bond auction on Thursday and "volatile weeks" ahead.
Furthermore, APICORP has improved the composition of its funding since 2005 with a medium-term bond issuance and other term financing facilities; as well as more stable deposits from partner companies.
In late May, the Economic Times cited Chaudhury as saying that the bank would tap the debt market by August with a medium-term bond offer worth up to USD1bn to finance its growth strategy.
uk reckons this 'decent rate' could attract savers seeking a medium-term bond with some degree of flexibility.
uk reckons this "decent rate" could attract savers seeking a medium-term bond with some flexibility.
medium-term bond auctions and the release of its first quarter gross domestic product scheduled later this week, dealers said.
The Dubai government had chosen a medium-term bond programme not underwritten by any assets, to ride through the current global crisis.