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Typically one-ten years.


Describing a plan, strategy, security, or anything else with a term longer than the short term but shorter than the long term. The exact length varies according to the usage; it could be a few weeks or a few years. For example, an intermediate term financial plan outlines investment and other financial goals for any time between roughly six months and one year, while an intermediate term bond has a maturity of five to 10 years.


Of or relating to an investment with an expected holding period somewhere between short-term and long-term. For bonds, collectibles, and real estate, intermediate-term usually refers to a holding period that ranges between one and seven years. For stocks, intermediate-term indicates a somewhat shorter period of six months to several years. For futures and options contracts, intermediate-term ranges from one month to several months.
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Udaipur: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) would focus on medium-term inflation to let the economy adjust to the changes, its Governor Raghuram Rajan said.
The Series 2013-1 Medium-Term Notes will pay interest at a rate of 4.
100% Principal Protection Medium-Term Notes series, marked as 'paid in full' following its maturity.
The medium-term orientation of policies and the commitment to a rules-based approach both in Eurosystem monetary policy and in the budgetary policies of the member states are a major achievement for Europe.
In the corporate bond market, the classification of bond issuance as long-term financing also has become less meaningful as the market for medium-term notes has grown.
The Series 2012-2 Medium-Term Notes will pay interest at a rate of 2.
In the medium-term (ten to twenty years), the declining birth rate will lower the dependency ratio (thus lessening the burden on the workforce), and the rising female labor participation rate will offset some of the decline in the labor force.
BLADEX), a multinational bank headquartered in Panama City, Panama, can now provide medium-term loans supported by guarantees from the Export-Import Bank of the U.
Investors remain bullish on the medium-term trading expectations of all markets throughout the Americas.
5 billion remains outstanding under the ESF's medium-term swap facility.
The medium-term notes may be offered from time to time in various amounts and with maturities from three to 10 years.
The medium-term note program rating reflects its subordination to policyholder claims.

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