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1. The implementation and management of a policy. A company's senior officers (such as the board of directors) set the policies and its managers (and sometimes the officers themselves) are responsible for administration.

2. In an estate, the management of the assets of a decedent until they are discharged to his/her heirs.


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The systematic approach for safe medication administration traditionally includes the 5 Rights Method.
In reviewing and discussing all of the information provided, the scope of practice review committee was able to adequately address concerns regarding potential quality and safety risks associated with allowing licensed physicians to delegate medication administration to certified medical assistants.
While hospitals have been implementing barcode medication administration systems for more than two decades, no integrated solutions have been previously available for the perioperative setting that addressed the unique workflow needs of that area of care.
For more information on medication administration, please review NANB's document: Medication Administration: Practice Standard at www.
Leadership discovered that with the need to remove one patient set of medication at a time from the dispensing station and the increased time to administer medication with bedside scanning, the electronic medication administration process was creating workflow issues.
At the forefront of implementing high-tech advancements for the industry, Remedi redefined medication administration and management with the launch of the Paxit[sup.
With symbols removed and typos corrected, instances of adverse events related to medication administration are monitored to ensure they are no longer related to symbol use, typos, or misspelling.
Many more opportunities for distraction and interruptions occur that cause delayed medication administration.
Seven quantitative (survey type) studies and three qualitative studies examined nurses perceptions of causes of medication administration error.
Incomplete entries or chart "holes" make it difficult to audit medication administration and provide effective quality control.
Better monitoring of the accuracy of the process through correlation of automated dispensing unit activity logs with medication administration records and intermittent direct observation of medication administration by trained observers.
Newly published (2006) Rules and Regulations for Child Care require child care providers to use a Medication Administration Log and Special Care Plans for children who need to take medications for chronic health conditions.

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