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In a data set, the value that half the data points fall below and half the data points fall above. It is used along with the mean; it is not as influenced by extreme values as the mean.


The middle number of a series. See also mean, which includes examples.

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And as all gardeners know, the success of any landscape plan depends on the caring people who take special pride in keeping all these areas, including the city's 22 acres of planted median strips, a wonderful part of Eugene's public space.
The Fire Department has also received several calls about fires in the median strips on city streets.
Acacia redolens is a shrub so tolerant of drought and smog that it is used by Cal-Trans in highway median strips throughout Southern California.
Chairman CDA said that work on the drainage system and retaining wall along the newly constructed lane has been completed whereas of environmental work on the project to protect and preserve the beautiful green character and ensure its proper horticulture development, especially green belts, median strips is being given final touches.
They have planted Joshuas in street median strips and around basins that collect stormwater.
It has been desired that special focus should be given on development of the quality median strips and landscaping.
Since the oleander is everywhere, including and especially on freeway median strips, it is downgraded to a commonplace, uninspiring species.