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In a data set, the value that half the data points fall below and half the data points fall above. It is used along with the mean; it is not as influenced by extreme values as the mean.


The middle number of a series. See also mean, which includes examples.

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He said the victim's 1997 Mitsubishi sedan struck the bull and then swerved off the road into the median strip.
Deborah Hornberger had left her job and was on the way to a prenatal yoga class when she was killed by one of two cars racing on the Lowell Connector that crossed the median strip, flipped over and crashed into Ms.
Tenders are invited for Nurturing, Maintenance and minor mending good damages to the median strip garden (except watering) along sarat bose road starting from minto park a.
70,000, damage to F5 Enquiry Office is 20,00,000 , damage to turf/grass, soil, median strip, seasonal flowers, side strip, sprinkling system, and floral towers/trays is RS 17,00,000, damage to curb stones and foot paths is 6,00,000 , damage to CDA Vehicle is 25,000.
A state police press release said the tractor-trailer swerved from the right lane to the left lane of I-395 south near the Exit 96 southbound ramp, then continued onto the median strip.
As the deputy pulled into the parking lot, the vehicle sped off, only to crash into a median strip less than a mile away.
The committee is keeping a watchful eye on Thousand Oaks' on-again, off-again plans to build a median strip down Lynn Road, which would prevent Ventu Park residents from making left turns onto the heavily traveled strip.
setting up, Holding, Waiting, Dismantling of a 2 + 3s traffic guidance for the production of makeshift emergency stopping bays and middle stripe crossings in the median strip.
When we went out and checked this particular median strip, we found that there were sprinkler heads broken, the controller was not working properly, and that water was being wasted and was flowing down the gutter,'' said Greg Wilkins, director of the asset management division of General Services.
provision of protective equipment in the median strip (ms) and at the fb edge: - rammed approx.
Every Sunday morning, Gail Lippner rises before dawn, loads her truck with five-gallon watering pails and drives to a Van Nuys median strip on Saticoy Avenue that she has gardened for 1-1/2 years.
Contract notice: Removal of ice and supply and installation of guardrails in the lighting galleries of four subterranean streets on the ring road and the removal and evacuation of a metal structure from a median strip, in 3 separate lots.