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In a data set, the value that half the data points fall below and half the data points fall above. It is used along with the mean; it is not as influenced by extreme values as the mean.
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The middle number of a series. See also mean, which includes examples.

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There, 44 condos were sold at a median price of $3,280,897.
BRR attributes the slight drop in Ada median home price to increases in existing homes on the market each month since March with a spike from 765 in June to 917 in July.
Homes in Elmira had been on the market for a median of 97.5 days in March, just over a month longer than the national median.
Method of comparison used for these parameters is called Multiple of median (MoM).
Women's median hourly rate is 6.1% higher than men's.
The area with the biggest drop in prices was LE6 0, where the median price fell 16% from PS462,500 in 2016 to PS390,000 in 2017.
Propertyfinder Group determined the median asking prices in popular luxury buildings, then compared those to what the average resident is paying in the area.
* Between 2015 and 2016, 30 states showed an increase in real median household income.
Results: The highest sensitivities were found in the median sensory conduction velocity across the palm-wrist (88%), and digit I-wrist segments (80%), median motor distal latency over the APB (77%), and L-I study (76%).
The different types of filtering technique include average, disk, mean median, Gaussian, Laplacian, motion, Perwitt, Sobel, Median and Adaptive Median filter.
Hong Kong has been on the list for seven years, and its ranking is measured by something called the( "median multiple" metric.