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In a data set, the value that half the data points fall below and half the data points fall above. It is used along with the mean; it is not as influenced by extreme values as the mean.


The middle number of a series. See also mean, which includes examples.

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Los Angeles County saw the second-highest level of median home appreciation in the state, at $586,980, up from $560,740 in January 2006.
The neighborhood with the highest median price per square foot was the East Side which climbed to $1,100, an increase of nine percent.
The 2000 Survey reported corporate officer median income of $200,000, up more than 25% from 1999's results, the 2001 survey reported a 4% drop from 2000 levels.
In the premises liability category, the median award against owners or operators of industry property was the highest, at $280,300, followed by government entities at $119,315 and $90,000 for recreational facilities.
Company C's total asset size also falls between the median for the standard and modified report groups.
In addition to Eugene, Salt Lake City and Denver, other areas with notable price increases included the Richland/Kennewick/Pasco counties of Washington, where the median price of $118,900 rose 15.
For black borrowers whose incomes were below the median, the increase was 34 percent; for whites, 28 percent; for Hispanics, 25 percent; and for Asians, 42 percent (data not shown in tables).
The M/I approach works well in multicavity molds, says van der Veen, because for large sample sizes, the median starts to approach the average closely.
The median sale price for single-family homes dropped 3.
2 percent, or 168 out of 356 cities and communities, showed an increase in their respective median home prices from a year ago.
The median sales price for Manhattan condominiums shot up 20% to $770,000, while cooperatives posted a more modest increase, rising 6% to $649,000.