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In a data set, the value that half the data points fall below and half the data points fall above. It is used along with the mean; it is not as influenced by extreme values as the mean.


The middle number of a series. See also mean, which includes examples.

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The neighborhood with the highest median price per square foot was the East Side which climbed to $1,100, an increase of nine percent.
The 2000 Survey reported corporate officer median income of $200,000, up more than 25% from 1999's results, the 2001 survey reported a 4% drop from 2000 levels.
In the product liability category, the median jury award jumped to $1.
15 Lempiras (As of May 21, 1999) * JANUARY MEDIAN TEMPERATURE: Tegucigalpa: 19.
For each materiality base, company A's cumulative effect exceeds the median level for the modified report group.
In particular, the number of conventional home purchase loans extended to applicants with incomes below the median family income for their respective MSA increased 27 percent from 1991 to 1992 (table 9, memo item), compared with an increase of 10 percent for borrowers with incomes greater than 120 percent of the median family income.
Typical events that will cause the median to move out of control include errant cooling-water temperature or regrind percentage.
Italy Median net worth: $138,653 Months of nursing home care that the median net worth can cover: 68