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In the context of securities, refers to the exchange of a convertible security such as a bond into stock.

In the context of mutual funds, refers to the free exchange of mutual fund shares from one fund to another in a single family.


The act of exchanging a convertible security for the underlying common stock. For example, if one holds a convertible bond in company A, conversion occurs when the holder gives the convertible bond back to company A and, in return, either receives for free or buys at a stated price, common shares in the same company.


(1) The process of changing a property into condominium ownership. (2) Wrongfully taking property of another,or denying that person access to his or her property.If a self-storage facility overlocks a tenant unit in the mistaken belief the rent is past due, when in reality the rent was credited to the wrong person's account,then the facility is guilty of conversion.

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A network manager can take advantage of media conversion for VoIP by extending the reach of the data closet with fiber, converting the signal back to copper, add power and connect VoIP phones to the network.
IMC Networks is a leading manufacturer of optical access, FTTx and media conversion solutions for Enterprise, government and service providers, delivering 23 years of excellence in product quality, customer satisfaction and value.
The combined system is designed to enable original equipment manufacturers to quickly offer high channel density systems which support signalling and media conversion for the VoDSL (Voice over Digital Subscriber Lines), VoIP (Voice over IP) and VoATM (Voice over Asynchronous Transfer Mode) marketplaces.
LAS VEGAS -- BICSI Fall Conference - Booth #503 - IMC Networks, a leading manufacturer of low cost optical access and media conversion solutions for LAN, MAN and FTTx applications, today announced the release of its new IE-MultiWay product, a Gigabit/Fast Ethernet multi-function network device that performs several tasks for CPE/fiber operations.
The chassis-based PowerBlade system delivers modular, multi-protocol multimedia solutions to high-density media conversion in service-provider applications and enterprise LANs.
WASHINGTON -- FOSE 2010, Booth# 3401 --IMC Networks, a privately held manufacturer of low-cost optical access and media conversion solutions for LAN, MAN, and FTTx applications for enterprise, government and service providers, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Graybar to support federal government agencies through the GSA schedules.
The devices feature built-in media conversion, signal repeating and lambda conversion with optional wave division multiplexing (WDM) technology available via SFP interfaces.

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