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When we fail to distinguish between bullying and ordinary meanness, we trivialize the very serious cases of peer abuse.
We make shelters so tiny and benches so impractical that they are not fit for purpose, just to prevent people who make us feel uncomfortable in our meanness from getting a decent sleep.
It emerges in his meanness toward those whose writings or actions he condemns.
This blind greed and meanness is what has annihilated so many nations of my people in genocide ...
Erdogan during an interview to Al Jazeera channel the Turkish leader said Israel should get rid of Lieberman immediately if it wants to solve its problems: "Lieberman is the guy who made different types of meanness and Netanyahu government is the worst Israeli government in the history of relations with Turkey," he added.
In this paper, we have established the meanness of the splitting graph of the path and the cycle [C.sub.2n] for n [greater than or equal to] 2.
Higher the income means higher the level of CEO meanness, a study at Harvard University revealed.
He added: "Very low and depressed at the moment and any drop of meanness makes it so much worse.
However, most girls and women who read this book will be able to relate to Landry's findings about the way, females express their anger, such as: "girls will sometimes filter their meanness through other individuals and secondary sources, like a computer, thereby avoiding direct confrontation"
ANSWERS: 1 India; 2 Apogee; 3 Meanness; 4 Ten pounds; 5 A snake; 6 Meryl Streep; 7 Zoo Quest; 8 Frogs' legs; 9 Loading and unloading ships; 10 John Glenn, Jr
Individuals who have the meanness to ridicule and mock someone's gestures should at least have the courage to write their names.
But the New Year's Day defeat to neighbours Stourbridge was a reminder to Morell Maison's men that defensive meanness as much as goal-scoring flair will be vital in the second half of the campaign.