me-too product

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Me-Too Product

A product created by a company that is similar to a competitor's product in order to prevent that competitor from maximizing its market share. Creating me-too products is considered risky because the company may lack the knowledge or expertise necessary to create a competitive product.
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‘me-too’ product

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Also in an intensifying digital life, telecom operators cannot provide me-too products as they did in the early internet era.
Rather than bringing a me-too product to market, the company is adding herbs, phytonutrients and more taste to its bars.
Scratch had a second, equally important, truism: "You can't create value if you don't take a risk." If this is true, a me-too store or a me-too product most likely will not sustain long-term profits either.
With a me-too product, market penetration has already occurred, and every customer purchasing the original is a prospect for yours.
"Retailers just can't put their brand on a me-too product and expect to be successful," he continues.
As long as manufacturers continue to innovate and give people a reason to buy, and it's not a me-too product, the high end will remain in demand."
"The danger is it's just a me-too product - almost definitely low margin and only really there to keep customers.
"If all you bring is a me-too product and approach, you will just be another one who came to pay a visit," he said.
There were others out there and we didn't just want to have a me-too product."
"There are aluminum coolers out there in the market, and we didn't want to compete with a me-too product in that area.