materials requirement planning

Materials requirement planning

Computer-based systems that plan backward from the production schedule to make purchases in order to manage inventory levels.

Materials Requirement Planning

An early computer system for managing inventory. The materials requirement planning created forecasts of future sales that helped businesses determine the materials they needed to have ready for sale at a given time. As other programs became more common, the materials requirement planning program was integrated into more sophisticated systems.

materials requirement planning (MRP)

a planning system for scheduling STOCK replenishment so as to ensure that adequate amounts of materials are available at all times thus enabling PRODUCTION to go ahead without interruption. Key features of MRP are the calculation of raw material and component requirements from the PRODUCTION SCHEDULES of the products in which the materials are to be embodied, and the time phasing of replenishment orders for materials so that they arrive in good time to avoid a stockout situation which would halt production. Thus, if production schedules indicate that stock of a particular material will need to be replenished in week 7 to avoid a stockout and the time it takes for the new stock to be delivered after the placement of the order is 2 weeks, then the order will need to be issued in week 5. See STOCK CONTROL, JUST-IN-TIME (JIT) SYSTEM, MANUFACTURING RESOURCE PLANNING, MATERIALS MANAGEMENT, MATERIALS FLOW MANAGEMENT, OPTIMIZED PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY.
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The Honeywell M&I voice system offers advanced voice and sound-recognition capabilities, and will integrate with TS&S' Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) system, allowing for the automation of existing processes.
timeSSD has a native connection with the GPD - General Production Data - shop floor control and materials requirement planning software solution, developed by DataS.
Traditional materials requirement planning (MRP) doesn't allow companies and supply chains to align their assets more closely with their actual consumption.
This systemic concept helps understanding the development of ERP systems since the old inventory control systems through materials requirement planning (MRP), manufacturing requirement planning (MRP II), supply chain management (SCM), up to ERP.
After an introduction to SAP Materials Management (MM), chapters cover organizational structure, master data, procurement and purchasing, materials requirement planning, inventory management, logistics invoice verification, valuation and account assignment, and release procedures.
By bundling a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) with Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) functionality as part of a single low-cost software solution, the 'WinLims 6.
Mr O'Neil will provide support for the introduction of a new manufacturing resource planning system, enabling Craig and Derricott to further its delivery performance, materials requirement planning, stock control and inventory policies.
Suppliers' forecasts include more sophisticated materials requirement planning (MRP) functions; systems branching out to monitor auxiliary equipment like dryers and robots (some already do); and monitoring of other cyclical processes such as blow and compression molding (some systems can already be applied to other processes with little or no modification).

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