materials flow management

materials flow management

the organization of the flow of materials within a factory based upon the breaking down of manufacturing processes into detailed elements. The aim of materials flow management is to reduce manufacturing throughput time by seeking to reduce waste in the process.

Materials flow analysis generally involves three main types of documentation: assembly drawings which specify how the components in a manufactured product should be put together; assembly or Gozinto charts which are derived from the assembly drawings and which show each sequential step in the assembly process; operations process sheets or routing sheets which are derived from the assembly chart and which show in detail the operations and routing required for each individual component along with any tools and equipment needed.

In addition, where firms seek to analyse and improve materials flows they may employ ACTIVITY CHARTS which represent assembly activities in terms of standardized symbols. See MATERIALS MANAGEMENT, MATERIALS REQUIREMENT PLANNING, MANUFACTURING RESOURCE PLANNING, OPTIMIZED PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY.

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The goal of materials flow management is to minimize the steps and stops that an item goes through on its movement to and from the shelves.
The success in recent years of these and other logistics service providers reflects the increasing importance of end-to-end materials flow management.
The 3M Digital Identification System, based on radio frequency identification technology, is integrated into the library's overall 3M Materials Flow Management system, which streamlines the flow of materials into, throughout, and out of the library.
The kiosk works within 3M's overall Materials Flow Management concept, which seeks to optimize the flow of materials into, within, and out of a library.
The 3M Digital Identification System is the cornerstone of 3M Library Systems' Materials Flow Management concept, which seeks to optimize this flow of materials.
3M Materials Flow Management is the first comprehensive system for optimizing the handling, processing and security of your library materials--from processing to checkout to check-in.
the new Digital Identification System enhances materials flow management within a library, which is the goal of 3M.
They are the cornerstone of materials flow management, which refers to the way materials are routed throughout your library: essentially this bottoms down to how many steps it takes for them to flow smoothly from shelf to patron and back.
The 3M SelfCheck system models 6210 and 4210 are the newest components of 3M Materials Flow Management. The systems were designed to play an integral role in optimizing the handling, processing and security of library materials.
The agreement enables KNOGO to distribute all 3M library products, such as 3M Tattle-Tape security strips, 3M SelfCheck System hardware and software, and other 3M library materials flow management products and accessories to public, academic, special, and government libraries across North America.
Another new 3M product is part of their Materials Flow Management line and is the model 764 resensitizer.
Part of 3M Materials Flow Management, the new security overlays work in conjunction with 3M Models 930 and 2004 Desensitizers, 764 and 951 Resensitizers, the 955 Bookcheck and 966 Incounter Bookcheck, 5210 SelfCheck System, and 995 Staff Workstation.

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