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Of course, there are those who believe that what Sai Baba did was trickery, but others have reported seeing the same remarkable materializations by Sai Baba under conditions that would preclude trickery or sleight-of-hand.
The MIMO materialization function can be expressed as:
The most commonly known case of materialization was when Jesus Christ fed some 5,000 people with only a few pieces of bread and fish.
Referring to the agricultural agreement signed by Iran and Niger some 11 years ago, the Iranian minister called for the materialization of the accord.
As a result, the change from a notion of fashion as the materialization of collective memory associations to fashion as mere covering for an already defined individual reveals clothing as a subtle indicator of evolving societal values.
Rationalization of Coal Linkage: An Inter-Ministerial Task Force (IMTF) was constituted in June, 2014 to undertake a comprehensive review of existing sources of coal with a view to optimize transportation cost and materialization under the given technical constraints.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Minister of Economy Ali Tayyebnia said reducing the country's dependence on oil revenues is key in materialization of the policies of the Economy of Resistance.
He also appreciated the endeavours of NESPAK that helped in materialization of these projects.
The interest of Anderson's research is her argument that this materialization took place (literally) word-by-word, that is, not at the level of holistic structures but at the level of random particles - isolate words, proverbs and sayings, quotations, epitaphs - quite as if English were not yet thought of as a superordinate language but as something to be engaged intimately as so many singular and detachable ingredients.
Tenders are invited for acceptance, electronic distribution, materialization and dispatch of dispatches to the distributor for their dispatch or delivery to recipients and service of information about the status of delivery of documents
' with the materialization of projects under CPEC, the destiny of the region will undergo a real change, Sino-Pak friendship has transformed into vibrant economic ties and this friendship is gaining strength with the passage of every moment', he said this while talking to media men here Friday before leaving for China.
"SPGC policies are in line with materialization of the economy of resistance and all the repair work is being carried out by domestic manpower," he added.