material fact

Material News

Information likely to affect a stock's price. Examples include mergers and acquisitions, information on earnings over the most recent quarter or year, or announcements of regulatory changes. If material news is particularly good or bad, it can cause large fluctuations in the stock's price, increasing its volatility. For this reason, publicly-traded companies usually hint about what material news will say before they actually announce it. This allows the market to absorb the information gradually so as to reduce pressure for volatility. Material news is also called material information. See also: Priced out.
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material fact

Any fact that is relevant to a reasonable person making a decision. For example,

• Real estate agents must disclose material facts known to them about the condition of property.

• Some facts, although they may be material, cannot be disclosed unless the seller gives his or her permission, such as the fact that the seller or a prior owner or occupant of the property was HIV-positive or had AIDS.

• Legally actionable fraud is a misrepresentation of a material fact. If there was a misrepre- sentation, but the fact was not material, there is no liability for fraud.

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References in classic literature ?
He had likewise, as we have observed, omitted many material facts in his present relation.
"'If nothing is added to the material facts so far established, I fear that the mystery which surrounds the abominable crime of which Mademoiselle Stangerson has been the victim will never be brought to light; but it is to be hoped, for the sake of our human reason, that the examination of the walls, and of the ceiling of The Yellow Room --an examination which I shall to-morrow intrust to the builder who constructed the pavilion four years ago--will afford us the proof that may not discourage us.
Jansenius and the general mob of mankind with nothing but a grovelling consciousness of some few material facts, she felt in herself an exquisite sense and all-embracing conception of nature, shared only by her favorite poets and heroes of romance and history.
Of course, it was a case of conscience, but the material facts such as these brought about the solution.
The Company will keep its shareholders and the general market informed, in accordance with the rules and time periods established by the applicable legislation, of any developments related to the subject-matter of this Material Fact notice and any other relevant facts in connection with the progress of the court-supervised reorganization case.
Because there were disputed issues of material fact on multiple claims, including one for violation of the Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA), a jury will decide if a former employee misappropriated trade secrets or misused confidential information and used them against his former employer.
class="MsoNormalShe protested that Ms Wanjiru, while obtaining the administration letters of the estate, failed to disclose to court a material fact that the deceased was a polygamist with two wives.
Agne argues genuine issues of material fact precluded the circuit court from granting Swid Law's summary judgment motion.
Furthermore, Valdez claims that this is an omission of a material fact, which is prohibited by the SRC Rules, adding that this affects the stability and profitability outlook of ABG under the control of Tiger Resort.
Where plaintiff failed to identify specific errors in district court's findings of fact or application of law to the evidence, summary judgment was proper where, viewing evidence in light most favorable to plaintiff, there was no genuine issue of material fact.
Dupee was suspended from the practice of law for one year, effective April 27, 2015, for violating Rule 3-4.3, Unlawful and Dishonest Acts; 4-3.3(a) Failing to Correct a False Statement of Material Fact; 4-3.3(b) Failing to Take Remedial Action to Correct False Deposition Testimony; 4-3.4(a) Concealing the Other Party's Access to Evidence; 4-3.4(b), Assisting in the Giving of False Testimony; 4-3.4(c)-(d) Failure to Produce Records or Documents in Response to Discovery; 4-4.1 Failing to Disclose a Material Fact to a Third Party; 4.8.4(a) Misconduct; and 4-8.4(c) A Lawyer Shall Not Violate the Rules of Professional Conduct Through the Acts of Another and Shall Not Engage in Conduct Involving Dishonesty; and 5-1.1(e)-(f), Failure to Give Notice of Receipt of Property Held in Trust.

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