material fact

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Material News

Information likely to affect a stock's price. Examples include mergers and acquisitions, information on earnings over the most recent quarter or year, or announcements of regulatory changes. If material news is particularly good or bad, it can cause large fluctuations in the stock's price, increasing its volatility. For this reason, publicly-traded companies usually hint about what material news will say before they actually announce it. This allows the market to absorb the information gradually so as to reduce pressure for volatility. Material news is also called material information. See also: Priced out.

material fact

Any fact that is relevant to a reasonable person making a decision. For example,

• Real estate agents must disclose material facts known to them about the condition of property.

• Some facts, although they may be material, cannot be disclosed unless the seller gives his or her permission, such as the fact that the seller or a prior owner or occupant of the property was HIV-positive or had AIDS.

• Legally actionable fraud is a misrepresentation of a material fact. If there was a misrepre- sentation, but the fact was not material, there is no liability for fraud.

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His business partner John Cooper, 56, of Caversham Place, Sutton Coldfield, has denied one count of carrying on a regulated activity without being an authorised or exempt person and four of dishonestly concealing a material fact.
The court held that summary judgment was precluded by genuine issues of material fact, regarding whether the prison health service's actions in failing to timely refer the detainee to an orthopedic surgeon for treatment of a broken arm constituted an official "policy" of deliberate indifference to the detainee's serious medical needs, for the purposes of municipal liability under [section] 1983, and whether the prison health administrator significantly delayed the detainee's medical treatment for non-medical reasons.
GOL added that there will be a conference call with a presentation on this material fact today.
This is a second material fact that was not disclosed at the outset.
While the courts would award damages to a purchaser against the seller because of concealment of facts, yet if the purchaser refused to complete the contract by taking title because of concealment of a material fact, equity and fairness would prompt a court to refuse to compel the purchaser to do so.
Hexley, 50, is charged with carrying on a regulated activity without being an authorised or exempt person contrary to the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, and five counts of dishonestly concealing a material fact contrary to the Act.
The court also found genuine issues of material fact as to whether corrections officers used excessive force against a jail inmate by placing her in a restraint chair after she allegedly threw urine and feces from her cell.
Contain any untrue statement of material fact or which are otherwise false or misleading.
It contains misstatements or omissions of material fact.
The court held that summary judgment was precluded by a genuine issue of material fact on the inmate's claim of retaliatory conduct against him for his complaint that an officer was sexually harassing him.

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