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Guangzhou Yuanfang Software Company introduced mass customization in furnishings design, manufacturing, and sales.
Mass customization, which forms a part of this study, can be actualized in 3 ways.
Mass customization not only provides uniqueness of design but also increases consumer involvement in shopping through the codesign process and interactive features (Fiore et al., 2004).
In the last three years, 3D printing has expanded from prototyping to factory tooling to short run production, with the expectation that it would be used also for mass customization of consumer products.
This suggests that a more integrated approach to mass customization is needed, which considers equally both the architecture design process and the subsequent implementation into configuration systems.
Approaches to mass customization: configurations and empirical validation, Journal of Operations Management 18(6): 605-625.
In the 1990s, the concept of mass customization first arose.
In mass customization service, the customization degree is a very important parameter which will directly affect the cooperation between the LSI and the customer.
"And the future is going to be mass customization, not mass production.
The idea of mass customization is based on the observation that there is a customer interest in products that are adapted to his/her individual needs and preferences, since the adaptation will increase perceived performance.
And while some systems can combine both labeling and sorting, these are generally better suited to secondary remand plants than those doing mass customization.
To the Editor: David Anderson makes some valid points in "Mass Customization's Missing Link" (April); however, I disagree with his assertion that "mass customization hasn't caught on yet."