marketing concept

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marketing concept

a business philosophy which aims at the generation of profits by the recognition and satisfaction of customer needs.

The marketing concept emphasizes the need for a business to adopt a CONSUMER ORIENTATION, that is to start by identifying the needs of consumers and then develop products with the attributes and characteristics to meet these needs.

The marketing concept stresses the superiority of a customer-based marketing approach over a PRODUCTION ORIENTATION which is largely concerned with persuading customers to buy what the firm has chosen to produce. See INTEGRATED MARKETING, MARKETING MIX.

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The section first considers marketing concept literature, which is the conceptual foundation of market orientation.
A new philosophy, the marketing concept, was articulated and began to shape competitive thinking.
However, empirical research is needed to determine the extent that the marketing concept has been adopted by political parties and whether they can be said to be marketing oriented.
winning an understanding and acceptance of the importance of the companywide marketing concept, which starts with top management and filters down through middle management and supervision in all departments;
com)-- BET Marketing Concepts, a San Diego based sales and marketing firm, hosted a charity kickball event July 1st.
This initiative consisted of a series of modules geared towards providing complex marketing concepts in a simple, engaging and result-oriented manner.
US logistics and transportation service provider Odyssey Logistics & Technology announced the acquisition of outsourced sample fulfillment and logistics services firm Chemical Marketing Concepts, or CMC, aimed to strengthen its presence in the rapid small order fulfillment and logistics sector.
Some of the defendants--Direct Marketing Concepts, ITV Direct and their CEOs--appealed the ruling.
Searching For Mary Magdalene Jane Lahr Welcome Books 6th West 18th Street, NY, NY 10011 Maryann Palumbo Marketing Concepts, Inc.
We typically have twoper year on selling or marketing concepts and look to promote those among the various professionals in our rommercial real estate business.

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