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I call this reflective process a marketing audit. For some specifics, start with basic e-mail marketing.
There can be nine distinct areas to a due diligence process - from a financial audit, through to a marketing audit and then a legal audit, which will be particularly important on this occasion due to the on-going HMRC investigation surrounding United.
The award went to ABA Marketing Network member Joe Francis who provided six tips on "How to Survive a Marketing Audit."
The week will explore subjects including how small business owners can market themselves and managers can request a free marketing audit exclusively from thomsonlocal.
He uses the example of a fictional company to show readers each step in marketing planning, including the marketing audit, objectives, strategies and action plans, the distribution plan, the advertising and promotions plan, costs and budgets, writing the plan, presenting it, and follow-up and revision, as well as mini and quick plans.
The Tourism Fiji appointment follows an extensive destination marketing audit completed in late 2011 that concluded there was a pressing need for a globally standardized Fiji brand that could be adopted and implemented in local markets.
As part of the launch, Start2Finish is offering a free two-hour marketing audit to manufacturers in the West Midlands.
Lodging Interactive, a US-based provider of Internet and social media marketing services to the hospitality industry, has offered a free social media marketing audit service to hotels through its subsidiary, CoMMingle.
In comparison to marketing audit, brand audit is a more externally, consumer-focused exercise that involves a series of procedures to assess the health of the brand, uncover its sources of brand equity, and suggest ways to improve and leverage its equity.
Marketing objectives are developed using two streams of information: one derived from the organisation's overall business strategy; the other from a marketing audit.
After Capstone Marketing conducted a marketing audit in 2003, several niches were identified, including forensic accounting, public companies, not-for-profit organizations, and, subsequently, family businesses.

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