marketable title

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Marketable title

A clear, reasonably incontestable title to a piece of real estate that is good for transaction purposes.

Marketable Title

Title to real estate where ownership is not disputed and documented so clearly that it is not disputable. Most of the time, property may only be sold if it has a marketable title.

marketable title

Clear title to real estate without any liens,encumbrances,or adverse claims such as would be considered defects. A power line easement is technically an encumbrance, but most would not consider it such an impediment as to prevent marketable title unless the property was zoned for residential use and the power line easement covered so much of the lot that property became unbuildable.

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Determine that it is not war loot undermining good and marketable title or otherwise criminally obtained.
It is only when the buyer's solicitor is satisfied that the property has a good and marketable title, and the seller is able to vacate on the completion date, that contracts will be exchanged.
29) To avoid this result, marketable title is presumed in all land sale contracts, even if it is not specifically stated,(30) "[M]arketability of title is concerned with impairments on title to a property.
They confirm that the seller has - and the buyer will obtain - marketable title to the acquired company's property.
Even where a contract to purchase specifically provides that a good and marketable title of record is not required, the seller's failure to disclose the pendency of a known claim to title may subject the seller to liability in tort.
Your disposition will not become a marketable title.
The process ensures that your wishes will be carried out, that the right people get your assets according to your will (or the intestacy laws of your state, if you die without a will) and that the people receiving your assets get them with clear, marketable title.
They have also shelved discussions over the name of the new superauthority - with the most internationally marketable title 'Greater Birmingham' proving unpalatable to leaders from the Black Country, Solihull and Coventry.
Indeed, "The Kung Fu Kid" would have made a more accurate if less marketable title, as Mr.
This is the form which confirms to the lender that all matters relating to the property are acceptable, that there are no onerous covenants or lack of rights of access or services to the property, and that, in the opinion of the solicitor, the property has a good and marketable title.