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Market shares are assigned to foreign competitors in the same way in which they are assigned to domestic competitors.
Altogether, 106 holding, independent and subsidiary companies are identified (see full alphabetic listing), together with 215 company market shares and major brands by country and product.
Market shares by product, country and region in 2007 (continuously updated online), are presented by product market, identifying the market leaders by country and regionally.
Estimated Sales and Market Shares of Major Suppliers Of Clinical Chemistry Instruments and Reagents
DPWN remains the clear leader in the German express and parcel delivery market with an estimated market share of 30%.
Pakistan fixed market share by connection technology, 2006
Provides estimated market shares for the transaction and non-transaction account markets and HISOAs, term deposits and cash management accounts.
Nortel Market Shares - Nortel Market Forecasts - Voice-Over-Packet (VOP) Market - Nortel Ethernet, Wireless, Optical Next Generation Networks (NGN's) - Nortel Market Segments - Voice-Over-Packet (VOP) Softswitch Market - DWDM Market Shares - IP PBX Market Shares - Network Service Needs - Increasing Average Revenue per User (ARPU) - Wireless Networks - Nortel WDM Systems - Optical-To-Electrical Conversion - Open Standards - Impact of Competition - Converged Voice and Data Networks
In addition, the overall structure of the industry is analyzed, and the YE 2005 and 1Q06 ADSL IC, VDSL IC, and SHDSL IC port shipments and market shares are provided for all of the vendors active in the market.
The Executive Summary within these reports outlines the main findings of the report (market size, market shares and market forecasts).
The Executive Summary within the report outlines the main findings of the report (market size, market shares and market forecasts)