market share

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Market share

The percentage of total industry sales that a particular company controls.

Market Penetration/Share

The percentage of an industry or sector that a single company controls. For example, if Retail Company A conducts 10% of all retail sales in the United States, it is said to have a 10% market share or penetration. It is important that a company, especially a large company, maintains a substantial market share in order to remain competitive. However, companies that achieve too high a market share through mergers, acquisitions, or other methods may become regarded as monopolies and violate local antitrust laws. Some companies have a large market share compared to their competitors, but not enough to be considered a monopoly: these are called gorillas. See also: Herfindahl-Hirschman Index.

market share

The proportion of industry sales of a good or service that is controlled by a company. Some investors prefer companies with relatively large market shares because they are generally less likely to be squeezed by competitors.

market share

the proportion of total sales of a product accounted for by an individual BRAND of the product or all brands of the product offered by a firm in a particular MARKET.

A firm's market share relative to competitors' market share provides an indicator of its success in marketing its brand(s) over time. Some minimum market share may be necessary to achieve sufficient sales volume to enable the firm to produce efficiently (see ECONOMIES OF SCALE). Beyond this the firm may aspire to market leadership of the whole market or may seek to achieve high market share in one or more MARKET SEGMENTS.

Market shares can be only meaningfully related to a precise definition of the market serviced by the firm both in geographic terms (for example UK snack product sales or European snack product sales), and in product scope (for example, potato crisps and other snack products). See MARKET LEADER, MARKET CHALLENGERS, MARKET CONCENTRATION, COMPETITION POLICY.

market share

the proportion of total MARKET output or sales accounted for by an individual FIRM. Market-share data is used to measure the degree of SELLER CONCENTRATION in a market. See CONCENTRATION RATIO, CONCENTRATION MEASURES.
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Lotte Chilsung Icis, which held a market share of 10.4 percent in 2017, rose to 13.9 percent in April.
While at that, the report shows that only Safaricom posted an increase in short messaging service market share to stand at 97 per cent up from 95.9 per cent recorded in the previous quarter.
Aldi's sales increased by 11.4% and at Lidl they grew by 8.4%, taking market share up to 6.2% and 4.6% respectively.
Swedbank had the largest deposit portfolio, at 5.399 billion euros, giving it a 32 per cent market share. SEB Bankas followed in second place with 4.77 billion euros, or 28.2 per cent of the market.
Renault gained market share in Russia, Brazil, Turkey and Algeria.
Italy held 29% market share of sparkling sales, while France had 10% and Spain 5%.
The airline led on the route serving Luxor with a 70 per cent market share, and grabbed a 24 per cent market share on the Kuwait-Cairo route, an 18 per cent market share on the Kuwait-Alexandria route, a 42 per cent market share on the Kuwait-Assiut route, and a 47 per cent market share on the Kuwait-Sohag route.
However, the ( Net Market Share Web site says the latest Windows 8.1 has gained relatively better market share when compared to Windows 8.
Tesco, which is expected to report disappointing first-quarter trading on Wednesday, saw its market share decline to 29% from 30.5% a year ago.
According to the report, IKCO's market share stood at 48.22% in this 9-month period in terms of volume, which indicates a 3.3% boost considering the figures of the same period last year.
Bulacan-based cigarette maker Mighty Corporation said on January 21 that its market share expanded to 22.5 percent and paid P8.2 billion in excise taxes last year.
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