market price

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Market price

The last reported price at which a security was traded on an exchange.
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Market Price

What a willing buyer pays a willing seller for a given asset. In an efficient market, market prices are determined by the law of supply and demand and no other factors. In securities, a market price is the price of the most recent transaction of that security. Open markets, and capitalism in general, can only exist if prices are set by the market, at least most of the time. See also: Fair market value, Invisible Hand.
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market price

The price at which a security trades in the secondary market.
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Market price.

A security's market price is the price at which it is currently trading in an organized market.

A good indication of the market price of a stock selling on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or the Nasdaq Stock Market is the last reported transaction price.

However, if you give a market order to buy securities, then market price means the current ask, or offer. If you give a market order to sell, market price means the current bid.

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market price

the PRICE that consumers pay for a product. For most products, the market price will be the EQUILIBRIUM MARKET PRICE established by the interaction of market DEMAND and SUPPLY, although INDIRECT TAXES such as VALUE-ADDED TAX or SUBSIDIES may modify the equilibrium market price. See INCIDENCE OF TAXATION.
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Size of the firm is calculated by total ordinary shares multiplied by the average market price of the stock and then taking its log10.
The value is the difference between the fair market price of the stock on the day the option is exercised and the price at which it is exercised ( See Taxation of ESOPs).
Main hypothesis: there is a relationship between market price per share and market ratios.
Kenen (1991) develops a model of debt buybacks where default is voluntary and finds that, when the stock of debt is large, a buyback at the secondary market price can be favorable.
The government must match the market price or subsidise, he said.
The spot market price of Syrian Light in February averaged $58.04/b, down from a peak of $60.86 in January.
It will be reduced if the market price of Singapore kerosene falls below US$65 per barrel for 30 consecutive days, and thereafter as the market price continues to fall, measured in units of US$5.
a security's market price overvalues or undervalues the security
World market prices for dairy products could rise by up to 57% if market price support policies were abandoned worldwide, according to a new OECD study.
"While market prices for boneless breast meat produced at our plants that target food service customers remained below historical averages for the period and averaged 2.4% below last year's second fiscal quarter, they improved significantly compared to market prices during our first fiscal quarter of 2019.
"Major market prices have recovered nearly all of their peak- to-trough loss, while non-major market prices have recovered by slightly more than half."
Jan 26 (Saba)- Yemen is to continue its efforts to modify prices of the liquid natural gas (LNG) in accordance with global market prices, a state source affirmed.