market price

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Market price

The last reported price at which a security was traded on an exchange.

Market Price

What a willing buyer pays a willing seller for a given asset. In an efficient market, market prices are determined by the law of supply and demand and no other factors. In securities, a market price is the price of the most recent transaction of that security. Open markets, and capitalism in general, can only exist if prices are set by the market, at least most of the time. See also: Fair market value, Invisible Hand.

market price

The price at which a security trades in the secondary market.

Market price.

A security's market price is the price at which it is currently trading in an organized market.

A good indication of the market price of a stock selling on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or the Nasdaq Stock Market is the last reported transaction price.

However, if you give a market order to buy securities, then market price means the current ask, or offer. If you give a market order to sell, market price means the current bid.

market price

the PRICE that consumers pay for a product. For most products, the market price will be the EQUILIBRIUM MARKET PRICE established by the interaction of market DEMAND and SUPPLY, although INDIRECT TAXES such as VALUE-ADDED TAX or SUBSIDIES may modify the equilibrium market price. See INCIDENCE OF TAXATION.
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I believe that the RTC's experience indicates an absolute lack of market prices and of meaningful methods of estimating market values.
As far as I know, there never have been realistic market prices to evaluate deposits and core repurchase agreements of a community bank, either with or without the intangibles normally associated with those deposits and core repurchase agreements.
Prices quoted in the proposal are based on established catalog or market prices of commercial items, as defined in FAR 15.
First, each reload grant must be exercisable at the market price on the reload grant date.