market niche

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market niche

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Market Niche

A particular combination of loan, borrower, property, and transaction characteristics that lenders use in setting prices and underwriting requirements.

See Nichification.

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It could be assumed that we are aware of the size of market niche, therefore, the demand of market potential could be estimated and considering this information, the real supply could counted and provided.
A market niche servicing firm gets to know its consumers so well that it satisfies their needs better than other companies occasionally addressing the same market niche with their products.
His whole life is about increasing his market niche. He's an expert in that game.
He added: "Kepak have been developing this market niche since 1997 and this initiative adds significant value to the primary output of beef and lamb within the Kepak Group."
Because most successful online institutions have offered vocational and business training instead of humanities, arts, and sciences, the market niche for online liberal arts degrees is wide open.
Sessions will cover secrets of penetrating a market niche; search engine optimization strategies; systems that easily generate salable CDs, e-books, audios, videos, and DVD courses; simple adjustments to common marketing tactics that double and triple sales; how to make connections and structure the deal for joint ventures and affiliate income; and reminders of where the biggest money always lies, whatever your target market.
It would create a new market niche that consumers would readily identify by tags and stickers.
It is very hard to categorize readers into one group, even though business dictates market niche is essential for business success, she says.
Detailing the specific market niche does not add to the lessons to be learned, and may, in fact, make it harder to clarify those lessons.
That strategy is simple and effective: Develop a market niche to offer a line of products greater than that offered by mass merchandisers.
Appealing to the growing gay family market niche, R Family is offering the world's first cruise for gay families: a weeklong jaunt through the Bahamas in summer 2004.
What your company needs to do to succeed and thrive in the post globalization metalcasting industry is to re-position itself firmly on the path to either global cost leadership or to dominating a truly unique market niche (i.e., differentiation).