market niche

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market niche


Market Niche

A particular combination of loan, borrower, property, and transaction characteristics that lenders use in setting prices and underwriting requirements.

See Nichification.

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A market niche servicing firm gets to know its consumers so well that it satisfies their needs better than other companies occasionally addressing the same market niche with their products.
Continue to expand your market niche by providing receivership, expert witness and consulting services.
Due to this success, other companies went into this market niche and now all the big market participants are offering the same products.
Gains will result from increasing production (albeit from a weak 2001 base), marginally higher overall loading factors and continued penetration of high performance market niches.
In keeping with its formula for success and survival over the years, Atlas Terminals continues to aggressively pursue market niches and lock into emerging trends.
HMAC's continuing goal is to serve larger and larger numbers of smaller and smaller market niches through customized marketing and services that specifically recognize each niche's unique requirements.