market letter

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Market letter

A newsletter analyzing the market that is written by an SEC-registered investment adviser who sells the letter to subscribers. See: Hulbert Rating.
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Market Letter

A newsletter offering financial advice to readers or subscribers. A market letter may discuss broad macroeconomic trends, or it may offer specific advice on particular sectors of certain markets. If a market letter offers advice on specific securities, the author(s) are normally registered investment advisors with the SEC, and investors should exercise caution if they are not.
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market letter

A newsletter containing information on topics such as market trends, security recommendations, economic forecasts, and virtually anything else having impact on security prices and investor profits. Market letters are provided by most full-service brokerage companies, often for a fee, and by individual investment advisers registered with the SEC.
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Jack Schannep's Market Letter started in 1977 written for brokers and colleagues at Dean Witter & Co (now Morgan Stanley).
"The Cabot Market Letter has been published 26 times a year, without fail, since 1970, when the first issue was turned out on the proverbial kitchen table by founder and editor Carlton G.
Founded in 1970, The Cabot Market Letter is an independent newsletter of investment advice based on Lutts's own award-winning market timing stock selection system.
The Cabot Market Letter (24x, $335/year) is one of just a handful of investment newsletters in the country that have been publishing for more than 30 years.
At the Cabot Market Letter, Carlton Lutts mailed a double postcard, from the marketing director, with this copy: "If you haven't renewed by now, my boss says I must be doing something wrong.
Lutts founded Cabot Heritage in 1970 with the launch of The Cabot Market Letter (24x, $335/year).
Cabot Market Letter, edited by Canton Lutts for 29 years, is one of a handful of successful investment newsletters that has managed to remain independent.
The new grid includes also market letters at a more regular rate during the day and a weekly business program.