market clearing

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Market clearing

Total demand for loans by borrowers equals total supply of loans from lenders. The market, any market, clears at the equilibrium rate of interest or price.

Market Clearing

A situation in which the demand for loans equals the supply of loans. That is, borrowers want to borrow the same amount of money that lenders are willing to lend. During a market clearing, the equilibrium rate of interest prevails, which ideally means that the cost of borrowing is neither excessively high nor low.

market clearing

a MARKET situation where the DEMAND for a product exactly matches SUPPLY of the product, leaving neither excess demand nor excess supply. See EQUILIBRIUM MARKET PRICE.
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M&AMI, Founder of Touchstone Advisors LLC, won the XPX New England "Exit Palooza" recently by recounting the story of the sale of a distribution company, in which the firm obtained a market clearing offer (9X EBITDA), skipping the auction process, all while having to survive the loss of one of the client's major customers during due diligence.
Citibank Indonesia, Indonesia Stock Market Clearing House (KPEI) and PT Citigroup Sekuritas Indonesia have launched an account operator service.
The decision to devalue the EGP and move towards a market clearing exchange rate regime should help in regaining competitiveness gradually, while the dismantling of remaining FX restrictions should support increased investment.
The central bank may intervene to limit volatility, but the market has to be allowed to set the market clearing rate.
Data from the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) show that the maximum daily market clearing prices on May 10 surged by more than 400 percent.
It emphasized that with some plant capacities withheld, higher market clearing prices ensued.
Any additional payment by the beneficiary would then be, atleast partially, a reflection of their willingness to pay (and this premium on the rent will in any case be a much smaller amount, if the rent is reasonably close to market clearing value).
So, the market clearing price of oil has to increase," Dalton Garis, Associate Professor of Economics and Petroleum Market Behaviour told Gulf News by telephone.
Sales will be made at market clearing prices on a quality adjusted basis, using a mix of CNF and FOB pricing.
If the objective of the Belgian football clubs is to win as many games as possible, rather than maximizing season profits, it can be shown, using simple economic theory, that players are better-off in a win-maximization league than in a profit-maximization league, because the demand for talent by a win-maximizing club is higher so that, given the supply of talent, the market clearing salary level in a competitive player market will be higher, too (see Kesenne, 1996, 2007; Fort & Quirk, 2004).
Vendors have been painfully slow adjusting their asking prices to market clearing levels and this is prolonging the pain of excess supply in the market.
We assume that the goods market is characterized by competitive market clearing, but firms have some monopsony power as reflected in an upward-sloped or bounded supply of labor to the firm and the ability to set the optimal wage before knowing the price they will receive for their output, which is assumed to be stochastic, and making their employment decision.