market break

Market break

See: Break

Market Break

A sudden, unexpected change in a security's price or in a market's value. While a market break could indicate either upward or downward change, the connotation is negative. Especially on the futures market, a market break means a steep decline in price, usually the result of a natural disaster affecting the underlying assets.

market break

See break.
References in classic literature ?
And, moreover, when you come right down to the bedrock, knight-errantry is WORSE than pork; for whatever happens, the pork's left, and so somebody's benefited anyway; but when the market breaks, in a knight-errantry whirl, and every knight in the pool passes in his checks, what have you got for assets?
BARGAIN: Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is great value for money for a Christmas market break
You can find pockets of towns and cities all along the Rhine River and Moselle valleys which provide the idyllic setting for a Christmas Market break.
BUDAPEST has overtaken its eastern European rivals to become this year's bargain choice for a Christmas market break, according to new research.
Contract Awarded for New Hospital Construction Market Break with Old Crop Rainwater Construction Work Of.
Rashid Al Mansoori, CEO, Qatar Stock Exchange, commented, "we're delighted to see the market break new highs - it's testament to the strength and organization of listed companies, and to all stakeholders involved in developing the market here in Qatar.
Budapest is the best bet for a bargain Christmas market break, with Riga eager to please your wallet too.
OUR CHOICE AUSTRIAN TYROL:Consort Travel (01709 701701) offers a five-night Xmas market break, with visits to Kitzbuhel and Salzburg, three nights' half-board and overnight accommodation on the return coach journey, for pounds 199.
We had been through Y2K, there were people here who recalled the market break of 1987, and I had participated in the Fed's response to the Russian debt moratorium.
Trading was sluggish throughout the day, with investors remaining reluctant to take clear positions ahead of a five-day market break in Japan, brokers said.
Group ownership shares in the market break down as follows: CBS, 21.
More important, the dollar value of the transactions continued to climb rapidly until 1989, easing only briefly in 1987, after the October stock market break.