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1. The additional price one pays when one buys a security from a broker-dealer. That is, when one buys a security, one pays the broker-dealer an extra percentage or a flat fee as commission. This markup forms the bulk of the broker-dealer's income.

2. See: Spread.

3. The extra amount a retailer charges a customer for a good over and above what it paid the wholesaler. For example, if one pays Wal-Mart $20 for a toaster, and Wal-Mart bought it from the manufacturer for $15, the markup is $5.
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the PROFIT MARGIN on a good or service which can be expressed as a percentage of the cost of the product or a percentage of its selling price. See PRICING METHODS, COST-BASED PRICING.
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However, according to the documents, some of the mark-ups seem to have hop, skip and jumped straight into the stratosphere.
Distributors can compete for new customers by reducing their mark-ups. In view of the size of winter markups, there is room for a substantial reduction, while still leaving a good profit for distributors.
But mark-ups of about 80% for retailers mean many are reluctant to.
The biggest beneficiaries of that growth may be natural foods grocery chains, which offer volume efficiencies and healthy product mark-ups. Indeed, investors in both Wild Oats and Whole Foods are hoping that their stocks can bring home the non-fat tofu bacon.
25 percent more per bottle because of the wholesalers' mark-ups. New Yorkers deserve the kind of freedom citizens in 37 other states enjoy."
Do we have to choose between mark-ups and salaries everywhere in the world?
It is the providers of ancillary supplies and services to nursing homes that control "mark-ups," profits and the potential for fraud and abuse within the nursing home industry.
PUB chain JD Wetherspoon is adding huge mark-ups to drinks and meals at its airport branches.
Andrew Newman has made a fortune by snapping up swathes of gig tickets and selling them on at massive mark-ups.
THE family of former Indonesian dictator Suharto pocketed hundreds of millions of pounds in the 1990s through huge mark-ups on arms deals, including the purchase of Hawk jets from Britain, the Jakarta Post newspaper reported yesterday.
Under terms of the deal, LexisNexis subscribers will have access to a range of CQI information products, including: CQ Weekly, covering Congress; CQ Daily Monitor, a daily tip sheet on Congressional scheduling, news and analysis; CQ House Action Reports, covering activity on the House floor; Bill Watch, covering legislation; Committee Votes, covering committee and subcommittee legislative mark-ups; and, Member Profiles, carrying data on all members of Congress.