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At its highest point, the land rises to 1,750ft and Jack felt its more marginal land was not being maximised through livestock production.
A HILL farm has secured a sustainable future by planting 120 acres of forestry through the Woodland Creation Scheme, a move that guarantees a long-term income for the business and makes better use of marginal land.
The institute under its olive promotion drive has so far distributed about 300,000 olive plants of different varieties among the potential growers free of cost, whereas over 800,000 acre of marginal land in Potohar region was identified for olive cultivation, said head BARI Dr Mohammad Tariq.
Sorghum is undergoing increasing global demand due to its ability to produce food, livestock feed and biofuel feedstocks on marginal land with limited water resources.
Dr Nasir Mehmoo Cheema, National Project Director, Olive said, Olive is one of the marginal land commodity and the land in Cholistan and Balochistan which is not appropriate for other crops will be used for olive and other fruit plants cultivation under this project".
The good news is that marginal land is far less expensive than land that has been worked and improved.
These studies show that the breakeven price will be higher the larger the net returns that the landowner obtains from the existing use of the land and, thus, it will be higher for productive cropland and lower for low quality marginal land.
Pakistan has brought 1,300 acres of marginal land under olive cultivation within a year.
Through the olive plantation, 1,300 acres marginal land has been brought under olive cultivation and further 3,750 acres will be utilized in three years.
They discuss why large-scale production of liquid biofuel is impractical for a growing world population and demand for liquid fuels, whether it is a viable option based on the characteristics of the local environment (geomorphology, climate, natural heritage, and availability of marginal land use), and the use of switch grass for ethanol.
Biofuel for the flight was derived from camelina, a dedicated energy crop that does not compete in the food chain as it grows in rotation with wheat acreage and can also grow on marginal land.
Honeywell's "green" jet fuel was derived from camelina, an oilseed crop that can grow on marginal land, and its use on the flight saved around 5.