manufacturing resource planning

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manufacturing resource planning (MRP II)

a computer-based PRODUCTION planning system which integrates all the resource requirements of a firm, including not only the control of raw materials and components (the central concern of MATERIALS REQUIREMENTS PLANNINGMRP) but also labour, machines and other resource needs. See PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT.
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In his role, he oversaw the development and implementation of the company's technology strategy and programs, including CustomView, Western Window Systems' online quoting and manufacturing resource planning system.
By integrating with existing ERP, manufacturing resource planning (MRP) or host applications, the software requires minimal human interaction.
The classic manufacturing resource planning (MRP) process was invented at a time when the sales forecast, inventory levels, and existing purchase commitments were planned around longer date horizons.
This award is the culmination of a multi-year initiative in which OMNI Systems upgraded to world-class manufacturing resource planning software and robotic equipment, resulting in a dramatic increase in throughput coupled with a decrease in both job times and scrap material.
The time, when companies could effectively manage their demand and supply chains using traditional Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) principles to drive a site by site production plan based on a simplified view of constraints, are over.
Rutland said its previous Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) system could no longer support its growing business, as the system wasn't integrated and data was kept in too many different spreadsheets, something that it says was hindering its customer service.
ALM has also achieved the AS9100 quality standard for the aerospace industry, and installed a new Manufacturing Resource Planning software system.
at a glance, and a comprehensive manufacturing resource planning (MRP) module,
From automotive parts to packaging to life sciences, from fresh food to electrical components to lumber and building materials, Solarsoft delivers systems that make connections across sales, purchasing, finance, inventory and warehouse management, logistics, manufacturing resource planning (MRP) and quality control departments to help customers monitor the business and boost operating efficiency.
For instance, complex manufacturing resource planning (MRP) systems--an application once thought impossible to run in the Cloud--are offered under a software-as-a-service (SS) model today.

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