management by walking around

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management by walking around (MBWA)

an approach to MANAGEMENT which emphasizes the value of observing what goes on in the ORGANIZATION and of displaying a high profile to subordinates. In this model, good managers are those who spend much of their time discussing work issues with colleagues and subordinates, rather than those who rely on issuing formal instructions from the seclusion of their offices. By wandering around in this way the manager will come to recognize and understand the informal relationships and activities that can both facilitate and obstruct the achievement of organizational goals. Compare MANAGEMENT BY OBJECTIVES.
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Management by walking around takes on new meaning in Networked Storage environments.
Which one of these management methods is most effective management by meeting or management by walking around? I suggest that we all look at the number and kind of meetings we call and avoid them whenever possible and instead, substitute good old-fashioned one-on-one communication.
This effort, commonly called MBWA (management by walking around), is our main tool to defeat lax attitudes and shortcuts, which are two primary causes of ground incidents.
Tom Peters coined the phrase "Management By Walking Around," or "M.B.W.A." Instead of sending a memo or an e-mail when you need something important, why not just talk face to face?
Now is the time to employ a management style often referred to as "Management by Walking Around." Talk one-on-one with employees and co-workers.
As in many small offices, we become accustomed to practicing MBWA (management by walking around), so we are constantly evaluating and providing feedback on performance.
Use The Management By Walking Around Technique - This is the best part of my job as a CEO.
Throughout the course of the day use the age-old technique called MBWA (management by walking around).
"Management by walking around" represents a sound leadership practice and proves crucial when implementing a policy regarding racial profiling.
This technique is sometimes called MBWA, or management by walking around. Some hospitality organizations call it "walking the front," which means observing the operation first hand, looking for problems or inefficiencies, talking to guests to assess their reactions, and relaying to frontline employees any information that might enable them to improve service quality.
Space doesn't permit us to cover all the business buzzwords -- like proactive, leverage, management by walking around, benchmarking, and so on.
This "management by walking around" (MBWA) also benefits managers by providing unfiltered, real-time information about a project's progress that won't be mentioned until much later, if at all, in formal project reports.
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