management by walking around

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management by walking around (MBWA)

an approach to MANAGEMENT which emphasizes the value of observing what goes on in the ORGANIZATION and of displaying a high profile to subordinates. In this model, good managers are those who spend much of their time discussing work issues with colleagues and subordinates, rather than those who rely on issuing formal instructions from the seclusion of their offices. By wandering around in this way the manager will come to recognize and understand the informal relationships and activities that can both facilitate and obstruct the achievement of organizational goals. Compare MANAGEMENT BY OBJECTIVES.
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Many well intentioned managers and executives use what they refer to as Management by Walking Around in an honest and sincere attempt to stay ''connected" with front line workers.
To read more about management by walking around and the three-minute walk-through technique, here are some Web sites to explore.
Use The Management By Walking Around Technique - This is the best part of my job as a CEO.
Space doesn't permit us to cover all the business buzzwords -- like proactive, leverage, management by walking around, benchmarking, and so on.
What's necessary is management by walking around in cyberspace.
However, I argue that the solutions to the problem are initiatives like having staff meetings where the information flows both ways, encouraging supervisors to learn the art of management by walking around and conducting meaningful performance reviews.
Profit-sharing, flex-time, management by walking around, sales force automation, global customer service systems, new employee health programs, reduced workweeks instead of layoffs - H-P has always been there first," says technology writer (and former HPer) Michael S.
Thus, while management by walking around remains an effective style, many of today's executives realize that the successful mortgage company of the 1990s should implement a multi-tiered system of management reports to enhance the philosophy of the 1980s.
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