Money management

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Money management

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Money Management

1. The act or practice of an investment advisory firm making investment decisions on behalf of a client. Money management often opens up more potential investment vehicles up to the client. Another advantage is that, theoretically, money managers have more knowledge and experience in making appropriate investment decisions than the client. This is also called investment management.

2. The act or practice of handling one's personal finances. Money management involves paying the bills, making investments, and paying taxes.
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For the trailing 12 months through this past November 30, actively managed TDFs had $49 billion in inflows, and passively managed TDFs had $11 billion, according to Strategic Insight Simfund data.
The study differentiates and forecasts five managed service segments: managed data center services, managed infrastructure, managed LAN services, managed WAN services and managed mobility services.
The advent of managed care on a large scale in the late 1980s and early 1990s was centered on what employers needed most--immediate cost containment.
"The pressure to replace dwindling voice and access revenues with higher margin services is focusing all service providers' minds on delivering new managed services and applications, particularly managed IP voice services layered over data networks," said Enrico Deluchi, Managing Director, EMEA Business Development and Marketing, Service Provider Wireline, Cisco Systems.
An individual seeking to invest in both actively managed and index funds will generally benefit by using index funds for taxable investment assets and reserving actively managed funds for retirement assets.
Why did it take managed care CEOs so long to get out of the business of saying "no?" And why have other executives persisted in this fruitless approach, attempting to control bed days and length of stay?
Some nursing home residents will be eligible for reduced-price prescriptions through their enrollment in a Medicare managed care plan.
Managed cafe's population base and health system strengths, combined with its involvement in the delivery of care to specific persons, create the opportunity to use new capabilities and resources to address healthcare-associated infections.
Let's look first at the overall record of actively managed mutual funds for the 16-year period ending in mid1998.
The Managed Care Information Center (MCIC), Robert K Jenkins, publisher, has launched Managed Care Executive Information Service--an online service "specifically designed for time-pressed managed care market researchers and executives in health and managed care organizations, pharmaceutical firms, healthcare technology companies serving the managed care industry, and others studying the growing managed care market," Jenkins says.
How managed care is putting emergency care into shock