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One who has sold a contract to establish a market position and who has not yet closed out this position through an offsetting purchase; the opposite of a long position. Related: Long.

Short Position

The sale of a security or derivative, or the state of having sold one or the other. It is important to note that a short position is not closed, and is applied only to sales where further action may be required. For example, one who has borrowed securities and has then sold them is said to be have a short position with respect to that security, because he/she must eventually return an equivalent amount of the borrowed securities. Likewise, one who has sold (or written) an option is in a short position, because the option may be exercised at a later date. See also: Long position, Close a position.


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RAIN seems to be the only factor capable of stalling Roger Federer as the Swiss star looks on the verge of making short work of Michael Russell in the first round of the French Open at Roland Garros.
Meanwhile Cooper was making short work of the opposition and in his four matches up the final took the ties with single figure victories and those on the receiving end were Scott Varney 21-8, Kyle Beasley 21-5, Dean Nicholls 21-9 and in the last four Foleshill's Jay Sahan 21-4.
And Simon is claiming the credit for the new daily pizza option, which probably explains why he was spotted making short work of a couple of slices the other evening.