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Majority Stake

The ownership of 50% plus one of the stock in a publicly-traded company. This gives the person or company holding majority stake outright control of the company's operations, especially the election of its board of directors. Some majority stake holders are not involved in the daily operations of the company, but most are. Indeed, the majority shareholder is often the company's founder. See also: Parent company.


The age at which a person is able to enter into legally binding contracts in a particular state.

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People having lower incomes gave majorities to Gore, while people at the median income were about evenly split, and those having higher than the median income gave majorities to Bush.
How all that would affect an Armey-led House is not immediately clear: The Republicans hold slim majorities in both houses of Congress and can expect little support from a Democratic White House; certainly, any dreams of "revolution" have been banished by political reality.