Maintenance margin

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Maintenance margin

For derivative contracts, when the margin drops below the maintenance margin, the investor gets a margin call. The investor must post margin to the initial margin (which is higher than the maintence) or the contract will be liquididated.

Maintenance Margin

The money or securities an investor keeps in a margin account in order to be able to borrow from a brokerage for short sales or other purposes. The maintenance is kept as collateral until the brokerage calls the margin and the client pays back what is owed. FINRA requires that the maintenance kept must be at least 25% of the amount borrowed, while some brokerages require maintenances of up to 50%. See also: Restricted account.
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The proposed regulations list, as a "safe harbor," six categories of records that, if kept, would be treated as meeting the record maintenance requirements under section 6038A.
Recommendation: To provide greater assurance that the military depots will be postured and resourced to meet future maintenance requirements, the Secretary of Defense should direct the Secretary of the Army and the Commandant of the Marine Corps to fully address the four specific issues of logistics transformation, core capability assurance, workforce revitalization, and capitalization, consistent with OSD criteria provided to the services.
What we look for is [the degree of] preventive maintenance requirements, and warranty work, when we are looking at equipment.
The aerospace market will benefit from increased demand for commercial aircraft, as well as from repair and maintenance requirements for the existing fleet.
These inspections should include a general cleaning of the roof and the fulfillment of basic maintenance requirements.
The S-L300 increases sortation throughput by 10-20% over the current market capabilities, this combined with the significant reduction in maintenance requirements allows companies to improve overall productivity, while reducing operational costs at the same time.
These aspects of Navy ship maintenance requirements will continue to be conducted in accordance with Chief of Naval Operations guidance for naval ships.
A margin call demands that the customer deposit enough money or stock to bring the account up to its minimum maintenance requirements.
The new linear induction motors in the S-L 300 eliminate drive belts, oiler, gearboxes, chains, and related equipment, drastically reducing the maintenance requirements and operational costs while increasing companies' overall productivity.
The matching funds must come from non-CRA sources and residents receiving the grants must sign a contract pledging to meet strict property maintenance requirements for five years.
All loans have yield maintenance requirements that expire 2009 or 2010 and have interest rates ranging from 9.
Just meeting the normal maintenance requirements of your enterprise applications can become a real challenge," states Neil Laws, Technical Services Director for Glovia International.

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