maintenance fee

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Maintenance fee

A yearly charge to maintain brokerage accounts, such as asset management accounts or IRAs.

Maintenance Fee

1. An annual fee that a brokerage assesses on all accounts for the ability to keep an account at that brokerage. The maintenance fee may be larger if an account has few transactions on it for a given year. See also: Inactivity fee.

2. See: Homeowners' association fee.

maintenance fee

The fee charged by a financial institution to keep an investor's account. For example, some brokerage firms levy a maintenance fee on accounts that have been inactive during a year. Nearly all firms offering sweep accounts charge an annual maintenance fee.

maintenance fee

Another name for a condo association fee and homeowners association fee, and sometimes used to describe the rent charged to a co-operative apartment owner.

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It was observed that majority of the unit owners are delinquent in their payment of the maintenance fee but the corresponding penalties and charges were not imposed, inconsistent with the Occupancy Agreement and the Numancia Residences House Rules and Regulations," COA said.
Time-share owners are generally required to pay an annual maintenance fee that covers the pro rate upkeep of the resort itself, plus housekeeping services.
The License Agreement provides that Pieris may continue the license by paying Enumeral an additional maintenance fee in the amount of US750,000 by 31 May 2016.
Contract notice: Open procedure for the award of government services, conduction and maintenance fees, and extra maintenance fee of technological systems and elevators to service the various health facilities in the basilicata region, for a term of five years, divided into n.
com survey of banks showed an average yearly checking account maintenance fee of $159 per year for the average American.
o Essential Package: includes an Essential Checking account with simple ways to waive the monthly maintenance fee, including ten or more monthly transactions; and no monthly maintenance fee for five years for students.
I have already received 50 per cent of the relationship maintenance fee that they deducted from my account.
com survey on bank fees shows that the number of checking accounts with no monthly maintenance fee declined by 5 percent over the past year to just 30.
Mobile phone service providers increased the maintenance fee by 1% on all recharges and reloads.
He blamed the problems experienced by Mick and Jenny on timeshare club rules that made handing back points difficult, but added: "We are today arranging payment of the outstanding maintenance fee.
Often times, these delays result in the current owners paying an extra maintenance fee.
Levine said in her appeal that she warned the former Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs director, David Fletcher, that the Veterans Home's practice of charging some disabled veterans a maintenance fee of $1,800 per month was in violation of a federal law.

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