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Appropriate ongoing adjustments to security holder records.

Maintenance Margin

The money or securities an investor keeps in a margin account in order to be able to borrow from a brokerage for short sales or other purposes. The maintenance is kept as collateral until the brokerage calls the margin and the client pays back what is owed. FINRA requires that the maintenance kept must be at least 25% of the amount borrowed, while some brokerages require maintenances of up to 50%. See also: Restricted account.


the management process of repairing and maintaining buildings, plant, machinery and equipment to avoid breakdowns and disruption to production. Effective maintenance requires the firm to draw up appropriate plans and timetables, taking into account the frequency of maintenance required, available personnel, ordering and stocking of spare parts etc.

The maintenance function provides an important service to production, marketing and administration departments. Routine maintenance within a firm is often undertaken by the firm's own maintenance department, while major refurbishment of machines may be contracted to specialist outside firms.



The care and upkeep of a building to keep it in roughly the same condition as when it was first built,except for natural changes in the patina of finishes.

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The Secretary of Defense Maintenance Award for depot-level maintenance, the Robert T Mason Trophy, is presented to the major organic depot-level maintenance facility that exemplifies responsive and effective depot-level support to DoD operating units.
Green cleaning is just one aspect of our effort to provide the best client service in building maintenance.
In fact, Moore recommends not only sticking to the maintenance routine provided by the equipment's manufacturer, but going above and beyond those recommendations.
When your mill significantly improves planning and scheduling performance, the results will include increased maintenance productivity and lower demand for maintenance hours.
One example of how companies can turn maintenance into a profit center is through preventive maintenance.
Supply a tool that assists institutions in meeting the goals of their mission statements through the timely maintenance of the physical backbone, the buildings themselves.
It is possible, at the time of leasing, to make arrangements for a maintenance program, but the full-service lease option is difficult to price up because it must be individually calculated, based on application and hours of usage.
The experts say standardizing to one brand of skid-steer loader offers maintenance advantages, especially if the owner is planning on maintaining the machines in house.
On-site support is critical to many organizations, so it is important to have comprehensive on-site maintenance programs delivered by a highly qualified team of professionals.
At least annually, the maintenance staff or property manager needs to take a walk-through of the entire operation to visually check the condition of foundations, drainage, utilities, buildings, etc.

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