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Idealism, accordingly, says that nothing can be known except thoughts, and all the reality that we know is mental; while realism maintains that we know objects directly, in sensation certainly, and perhaps also in memory and thought.
1 : to carry on : continue <After many years they still maintain a correspondence.
In order to maintain what revenues they can, the NWCF entities have placed a strong emphasis upon total cost control.
2) STR (Self-tuning regulator) governor: Electronic engine-speed control technology that allows the engine's electronic control unit (ECU) to continuously monitor throttle opening and engine speed, and electronically control throttle opening to maintain a constant set engine speed even under changing engine load conditions.
This could have dire consequences to thousands of small businesses throughout the country--landscapers, lawn care operators, sod producers, nursery and greenhouse growers, golf course superintendents, sports turf managers, professional grounds managers and others who maintain their livelihoods by creating green spaces for consumers.
A CFI that maintains a correspondent account for a foreign bank in the United States must maintain records in the United States identifying the owners of the bank.
documenting the systems used to create and maintain Web records
The proposal includes the specific energy conservation measures (ECMs) proposed, financial schedules detailing how the ECMs will be paid from energy cost savings and for how long, how the energy savings will be audited to prove performance (this is the measurement and verification (M&V) process), and what operations and maintenance services the ESCO will provide to maintain the ECMs over the life of the contract.
Many of the courses will enable PB employees to obtain the credits necessary to maintain current professional designations.
An organizer or seller of a potentially abusive tax shelter must maintain a list identifying each person who was sold an interest in a shelter for which registration was required under Sec.
The experienced biomedical librarians who create and maintain the Health Topic pages organize them into categories such as overviews, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.
The taxpayer will agree to maintain records in respect of the identified transactions and issues.