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"Hybrid hard drives combine NAND flash and magnetic disks, simplifying storage-element integration for OEM customers and providing a host of end user benefits: superior performance, responsiveness, lower power consumption, greater operating shock tolerance, and data protection.
However, the Company is still halfway through its making changes in its business portfolio due to magnetic disks continuing to drag on earnings.
This is a one-pass function that provides full verification and unlike the erase pass on magnetic disks, the shred procedure on UDO media leaves no residual traces of previously written files.
Unlike the erase pass on magnetic disks, the shred operation on Phase Change media is understood to leave no residual traces of previously written data.
The DOD standard also includes minimum requirements for either clearing or sanitizing other types of magnetic disks, magnetic tape, optical disks, memory, cathode ray tubes and printers, because data gets left on printer ribbons and jammed paper, burnt into monitor glass and stuck in the oddest pieces of memory in a PC.
It is capable of synchronizing data using every medium, from magnetic disks and local area networks to Internet-driven FTP transfers and e-mail transfers.
The devices range from high-tech electronic vote counters that record choices on magnetic disks, to punch-card ballots, in which a stylus is used to punch a hole next to a candidate's name (see chart, page 15).
The data on the DVD and CD platters is not susceptible to dust, humidity, fingerprints or magnets, as magnetic disks are.
said Thursday it will shift its focus in the hard disk drive (HDD) business to the fast-growing markets of enterprise networks and mobile products, moving away from the traditional but dwindling market for 3.5-inch magnetic disks for desktop personal computers (PCs).
In today's most advanced magnetic disks, domains are comparable in size to large viruses, a few hundred nanometers by tens of nanometers in area.