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In the past decade, we have learned many details about the molecular mechanisms underlying immune cell migration across blood and lymphatic vessels.
If pneumatosis cystoides were truly distended and ruptured lymphatic vessels caused by the entry of bowel luminal gas (air), it would be reasonable to expect to see some residual lymphatic endothelial cells remaining on the lining of the cystic spaces, and thus there should be at least some podoplanin-expressing lining cells.
Tumor dissemination is often due to an invasion to lymphatic vessels.
The second is the radioisotope-guided (RI-guided) approach, which can accurately determine the location of even deep SLNs, but cannot identify minute lymphatic vessels.
In a manner similar to the reported method to evaluate microvessel density, (25) 20 fields were selected in the areas with high number of lymphatic vessels, and lumens of lymphatic vessels were counted in the X 20 objective field (1.
along with researchers from the National Cancer Institute, the team discovered lymphatic vessels in the dura, the leathery outer coating of the brain.
By scanning the brains of healthy volunteers, researchers at the National Institutes of Health saw the first, long-sought evidence that our brains may drain some waste out through lymphatic vessels, the bodys sewer system.
Radiation therapy to the abdomen causes fibrosis and obstruction of the lymphatic vessels in the small bowel and mesentery (7).
5,6,16 B7-H3 may show resistance to apoptosis via the signaling pathway of Jak2-STAT3, and facilitates vessel enlargement into the surrounding lymphatic vessels.
1,2,8) During the surgical process, increased lymphatic fluid coagulation may result in lymphatic thrombosis, which will lead to an accumulation in the lymphatic vessels, forming visible cords.
Prox1 gene has an important role in fetal life for the development of the liver, lymphatic vessels and lens in the eye.
A disturbance in renal sinus drainage causes characteristic dilatation of perirenal, peripelvic and intrarenal lymphatic vessels which is responsible for typical imaging findings1.