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The new integration is of terrific value for the deployment, use and maintenance of Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre together with workload management, and other capabilities, collectively managed by Bright Cluster Manager from a familiar management interface.
The primary features of this Lustre release include a Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) interface and a POSIX-compliant, client-side copy tool that makes use of this interface to migrate data between a high performance Lustre file system and lower performance, affordable , scale-out storage.
Global supercomputer company Cray Inc (Nasdaq:CRAY) announced today the launch of a new data management and protection solution for Lustre file systems.
Lustres are thin films of metals deposited on the surfaces of ware in the same way as noble metals (gold, platinum, copper) and the lustre effect is due to the interference of incident and reflected light.
Working with Fujitsu is an extreme honor, and we look forward to their Lustre enhancements benefiting the entire community," said Brent Gorda, CEO of Whamcloud.
Pieces today can command high prices at auction; we recently sold a piece of Fairyland Lustre decorated in the Lahore pattern, circa 1925 (although slightly damaged), for pounds 3,400.
To mark the arrival of this eye catching collection, The Body Shop's Middlesbrough store is holding a summer trend prize draw for one lucky customer to win the Sun Lustre collection plus cosmetic bag.
The Welsh and copper lustre have enjoyed a love affair spanning almost two centuries and illustrates a very interesting continuity of taste in our country.
Today, users affirm that the Lustre file system provides the stability and robust architecture required to support critical research and business objectives.
Lustre users can now benefit from a Red Hat compatible, HP supported, Linux operating system when using HP SFS with the HP XC v2 cluster management software.
Phil Schwan, CEO of Cluster File Systems (CFS) and developer of the Lustre Open Source Cluster File System spoke with CTR about the state of his company and the adoption and positioning of the Lustre File System--a high-performance cluster file system developed for managing very large volumes, with very high bandwidths.
Emerson, I think, took his sense of "lustre" not just from Plutarch but from the 17th-century Cambridge Platonist Ralph Cudworth's True Intellectual System of the Universe, where the lustre is associated with the Neoplatonic image of the astral body, the subtle envelope that intervenes between soul and material body.