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This lustiness recalls the fact that historically it was the white masters and not the black servants who were the sexual aggressors.
The prospect of having personal access to Wallace electrified the theatres involved and brought the Georgia Shakespeare Festival into the mix--artistic director Richard Garner asked to direct a further developmental reading of Inland Sea for the festival, saying he was "smitten with the imagery, the poetry, the mystery, the lustiness, the gutsiness--all the good Naomi stuff.
Exhausted after our long trek, we were greeted at dinner by our mugnaia bathed in a garlicky mushroom sauce that perfumed the table with an earthy lustiness.
The preface declared, "A new language has been born, and with its usual lustiness youth has made jive talk heard from one end of the land to the other.
But Tworkov imposes geometrical structure on de Kooning's lustiness, forcing the figures into rectangular confines and using slanted brushwork that recalls the "constructive stroke" of his longtime hero, Cezanne.
Nell's sauciness, cheerfulness, lustiness, straightforward good nature and lack of affectation evidently came as a relief to Charles, as did her lack of any serious interest in politics.
AWOMEN have, for centuries, been encouraged to hide their lustiness, whereas men have been encouraged to publicise theirs.
Consequently they have a tone of more weight, lustiness and sonority, but a more limited compass.